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Concept and Morocco Surf Spirit values

Another way to visit Morocco, another way to discover the world of surfing, bodyboarding and other winter sports in Morocco. Another approach to the tourist stay. Stays in Morocco Surfing Spirit will want authentic, scenic in, rewarding, sports, humans … We feed your needs to provide you the stay that suits you … We are not only seasoned surfers are addressing, we interested in all those wishing to discover Morocco foremost a sporting manner, unusual, and uplifting.

The packages in Morocco Surfing Spirit are also designed with people who want to experience surfing in Morocco for the first time and in a different setting, that for surfers and experienced bodyboarders who want to test and explore the breaking preserved southern Morocco.

In Morocco Surf Spirit we want to share our passion for the world of surfing but above all to discover the south of Morocco, a region rich in its varied landscapes, its Berber ancient culture through the quality of its waves, its pleasant climate and sunny throughout the year and its relaxed lifestyle …

Morocco Surf Spirit, is more than a living, real experience …